Frequenzen für mehr Wohlbefinden

Health is the greatest gift on earth.

Why should we use the right frequencies in our lives?
If you are physically and mentally fit, you can reach your full potential in life. Successful in the job, joy of life, fulfillment in the relationship, harmony in the family and feeling vital and balanced. The whole thing is based on simple principles and the frequencies of Schumann 7,83® support us excellently.

Harmonic frequencies based on natural models.
Schumann 7,83® works on the model of the Schumann frequency with 7.83 Hz. This frequency was first discovered in 1958 by the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. It was found that the natural earth magnetic field oscillates exactly at 7.83 Hz and thus protects life on earth from electromagnetic radiation from the cosmos.

Dr. Jasmine Azizian, doctor for general and holistic medicine, dark field microscopy

Positive effect of the Schumann frequency:
The positive effect of the Schumann frequency on humans was subsequently proven several times. Measurements have shown that the human organism needs the Schumann frequency, which is why it is called the biological standard. In double-blind studies and in practical application it has also been proven that the supply of the frequency of 7.83 Hz results in an energetic strengthening of the organs and further, holistically positive influences on the human energy balance.

The Schumann frequency creates well-being in people.
Thus, the American neurophysiologist Dr. Andrija Puharich has determined that the oscillation of 7,83 Hz creates a feeling of well-being in humans. The human brain also vibrates in a healthy state at 7,83 Hz. This means that in a healthy state it is in natural resonance with the earth.

Energetic support:
- Restful sleep
- Strong immune system
- Positive effect on our four-legged friends
- Energy and vitality
- Habitat harmonization
- Inner peace and balance

Mentally and physically fit, free from fears and blockages, focused, concentrated, motivated and full of energy and joie de vivre, that is what makes a successful, healthy and happy life.

About us
We are a team made up of doctors, researchers, scientists and holistic thinking people who care deeply about the health and wellbeing of people and animals.

After years of research in the field of oscillations, frequencies and vibrations, we have found that there are both frequencies that support our body and others that cause the opposite. Schumann 7,83® develops innovative products that support and promote the well-being of people and animals in the daily "frequency jungle".

When you realize that everything that surrounds us has a frequency, you quickly become aware that our entire life and our physical well-being is in a certain way controlled and influenced by frequencies. In our years of research, the focus has been on two types of frequencies, namely those that support our body and those that cause us a deficit. In this way we were able to find out and create solutions that support us holistically and positively in our daily life.

Our developer Mr. Jürgen Riegler has been dealing with the subject of frequencies, vibrations and energies and their effects on humans and animals for more than 27 years. His many years of collaboration with doctors and scientists in research and development in this field confirm his innovative solutions.

Together with his team they have been developing new, innovative solutions for harmonizing living spaces and strengthening body energies with powerful natural frequencies for many years.  Patric Kamp and his employees produce Schumann 7,83® products by hand in Austria. The technology and the concept of CU7 Innotec are incorporated into the Schumann 7,83 product series.

The Schumann 7,83® Showroom is in Kindberg, in beautiful Styria, in Austria. This is where Thomas and Philipp Bagula greet their customers, business partners and merchants from all over the world. A wonderful ambience where you can relax and test all the products in peace and get all the information about Schumann 7,83®, the philosophy and the products.

All Schumann 7,83® products are a special symbiosis of stone pine, copper and frequencies and have a purely energetic effect, both directly on our body and on our environment (house, apartment, office, ...). For us, the natural frequencies are particularly important in processing, because nature is the source of life on earth! Schumann 7,83® products harmonize and vitalize living spaces, people, animals, food and water.

Energies... frequencies... vibrations... "You cannot hear, see or smell them but they control and influence our life every day."

Holistic harmonization of living spaces and work areas, food, water, people and animals. Handmade in Austria.

Schumann Insoles® - stone pine, copper and 7 special frequencies in the Schumann Insoles® provide the user with beneficial natural frequencies. Your body can be holistically strengthened, grounded, harmonized and vitalized.

● Frequency-energized shoe insoles
● Schumann frequency 7.83 Hz plus 6 holistic supporting frequencies
● Positive effect on the body's energy flow
● Noticeably more energy and balance
● The organ energies are reached via the foot reflex zones
● Can increase concentration and body regeneration
● Supports energetic performance and endurance
● Energetic tension and blockages can be released
● Thin, light and very comfortable for all shoe sizes
● OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class2
● EN ISO 10993-5
● Available in all common sizes
● Handcrafted with the highest quality standard

The Schumann frequency of 7,83 Hertz, in which our natural geomagnetic field oscillates, is a very important factor for true holistic wellbeing!

Energetic effect of the Schumann frequency
● Vitality and holistic wellbeing
● Finally fit again through the day
● Motivation, focus and better memory
● Can strengthen the immune system and the heart
● Has a supportive effect on the pineal gland
● Can relieve depression and listlessness
● Cell renewal can be improved

Experience the difference and just feel the positive effect!

Schumann Bodyguard® - Your daily companion for more energy and protection against harmful radiation. You can put it around your neck, slide it into your jacket or trouser pocket, put it in your handbag or school bag, and place it on your desk or night table. Enjoy a better well-being in your life!

Schumann 7,83® - CU7 Home Office - Relaxing living spaces thanks to comprehensive interference suppression. Harmonization of WLAN, mobile radiation, electro smog ... Harmonious living spaces and work areas. Harmonizes electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation. More life energy and a better wellbeing.

Our home and workplace are the places where we spend most of our live! It is important that we feel well there, can regenerate, find peace and harmony, or rather motivate ourselves, concentrate and perform well and above all feel positive energy around us!

Schumann 7,83® - CU7 Body Cells is a kind of “energy filling station” for your body. Supply your body with harmonizing frequencies in just a few minutes. Your energy body is brought into its original vibration, your physical body is holistically strengthened and vitalized. Enjoy the beneficial frequencies and feel the effect.

Schumann 7,83® CU7 Food Water - Higher quality with frequency optimized food - fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, drinks, WATER, ... The Schumann 7,83 CU7 Food & Water harmonizes and energizes our food and water. It becomes nutritious again, can be more easily absorbed by the body and gives the energy for more vitality.

Schumann 7,83® CU7 Infinity Balance was specially developed for horses, camels, cattle and cows to harmonize their body-energetic balance and to strengthen cell energy. As a result, vitality, life and organism energy, as well as the self-healing powers are supported in the best possible way. Power, Protection, Balance.

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Legal notice
We expressly point out that the use of Schumann 7,83® products are not a medical therapy and are not a substitute for medical care! (Manufacturer Schumann 7,83® products). The technology presented here does not have the full approval of conventional medicine, science and doctrine. Frequencies, energies and vibrations are officially not considered relevant for supporting the human body. The entire field of energetics (energetic teaching) has not yet been explored for conventional medicine and science. The Schumann 7,83® products are not medicinal products. We expressly point out that Schumann 7,83® does not make any healing promises. The use of Schumann 7,83® products does not contain any medical therapy and in no way replaces a visit to a doctor. In conventional medicine, as well as in classical science, both the existence and the effect of water veins, earth rays and the like are not recognized. In the current scientific standards, Electro Smog, electromagnetic fields, cell phone radiation as well as WIFI are not considered to be harmful to the organism. We are therefore obliged to point out that our Schumann 7,83® products cannot cause any healing effects according to current scientific knowledge. - The manufacturer of the Schumann 7,83® products. The Schumann Bodyguard®, as well as all Schumann 7,83® products, have a purely energetic effect.