The perfect PROTECTION for you, your family and your living space
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Dr. med. Krunoslav Jelakovic is the inventor of Pozitron
Plus. He researches, develops and produces preventive
solutions in the field of electromagnetic and geopathogenic
radiation and interference zones, as well as electrical stress
and its extensive consequences on humans and animals.

The medical scientist and his team of experts are success
fully researching for more than two decades and were able to
show that pathogenic radiation and interference zones can be
harmonized with Pozitron Plus by frequencies and a nano
technological process.

The basic function of Pozitron Plus is the harmonization of pathogenic spectrum,
electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation and it makes these pathogenic radiations and
interference zones compatible for the physiological frequencies of humans. Whether in our
own home, in the office, in the car or on the street, we are always exposed by highly developed
networks and power lines of various radiations, such as electricity, WIFI, mobile radiation,
water veins, curry, Hartmann.

POZITRON PLUS has triple multipurpose effect

- It harmonizes the harmful geopathic and electromagnetic radiatiom
- It has a positive effect on the vegetative neural system in humans and animals
- It increases the total energy of the organism and it revitalizes the energy in the living space

POZITRON PLUS is available in 4 different sizes

POZITRON PLUS 1m with an effective radius of 1 meter:
Protection for Smartphone, Router, Laptop, Tablet, TV,
Receiver, Electrical appliances, microwave, clock radio, ...

POZITRON PLUS 3m with radius of action 3 meters:
"Your personal bodyguard" Protection for one person,
at work, in the car, in the handbag, wallet, schoolbag, ...

POZITRON PLUS 5m effective radius 5 meters:
Protection for a room (nursery, bedroom), office,
small apartment, sleeping in the hotel room, ...

POZITRON PLUS 20m with a radius of 20 meters:
Protection for apartment, house, school, kindergarten,
business rooms, offices, companies, hotels, ...

The perfect protection for your faithful four-legged friend!
Dog Protect also stimulates your dog`s energy flow with
its wide spectrum of physiological frequencies better and
calms his vegetative nervous system. resulting in a better
flow of energy and consequently stronger immunity.

Certificates are proving a reduction in the values of
-90% Technical radiation (electromagnetic radiation)
-90% Water vein radiation (geopathogenic radiation)
90% Hartmann knots (geopathogenic radiation)
-90% Curry knots (geopathogenic radiation)

The effectiveness of POZITRON PLUS on humans has been scientifically tested and proven at the European Institute BION in Ljubljana - the Institute of Bioelectro-magnetic and New Biology.
Many medical diagnostic methods were applied to the same individuals (some with the use of Pozitron Plus and the others at the time of control without Pozitron Plus). A very high degree of effectiveness of the product was confirmed and received the prestigious certificate of protective effect with a comprehensive study and description of the medical methods used. This certificate is recognized in medical and scientific circles and in case of need valid in court to prove the effectiveness of the product.

Pozitron Plus received the highest marks from an expert commission of certified experts from the Croatian Association of Nature and Energetic Medicine (CANEM), together with a written decision and an above-average protective effect - more than 90 percent. It has a written document as proof of quality and efficiency - a certificate and a license of effectiveness. under the number 0770 - D - 2014. 

The product has seven medals and a special recognition of the expert jury at the Innovation Fair in Nuremberg, Brussels and Zagreb, of which the most important awards are the Crystal Ball, the Golden Mask and the Golden Angel. Especially the first place with a gold medal at the Innovation Fair in Brussels.



POZITRON PLUS - With effectiveness tests and awards

Diploma EUREKA in Brussels
Gold Medal EUREKA (Brussels)
Innova Award (Zagreb)
Efficacy Test BION
Certificate Golden Mask Germany Nuremberg
Innovation Fair Award Award
Innovation Fair Brussels
PIP camera effectiveness test Dr. Oldfield London

Effectivity Test PIP, Dr. Oldfield, London
Dr. Harry Oldfield is a British scientist and inventor who has worked in the last 25 has perfected its system of diagnosis and treatment of diseases over many years. At the end of the nineteen-eighties (1980 iger) years he has a camera, abbreviated PIP (Engl. Polycontrast Interference Photography), which uses the patterns of photon interference is registered. This means, how the ambient light affects the subtle energy fields influenced. With the help of the PIP camera, it is possible to change the color of the energy field of the to register people and in this way to increase the diversity of the physical, mental and spiritual (psychological) and energy disorders. It shows health-related Changes due to the recording of "before" and "after" images with the specific treatment product, drug or bio-energy Treatment of Experts. The PIP camera is today a mature, highly developed patented Software that creates our energy balance by reflecting light. The camera picks the person up in front of a white cloth, or a person standing in front of a wall and it can be seen on the computer screen the reflection of the energy field in its different colors in parallel.
The PIP system is an optically digital process in which the interference of the light is detected on the the human being and around him, in other words in his own Energy field. The photons that are reflected on the person we are looking at, pass twice through its energy field - once at the entrance of the energy field. Once on its way out of the energy field. This interference samples of photons are detected and interpreted by the PIP software. The energy field in every human being has a different form. It depends on the Health of the person being recorded depends on. If this person is ill or a psychological problem, it will be noticed immediately and applied to the energy meridians of the bodies that are connected to each other. At the end of 2013, we sent our Pozitron Plus to London to the institute of Dr. Oldfield. To our great satisfaction, the examination Dr. Oldfield himself conducted in his London lab.
The test took about an hour and 15 minutes on some of our products. One part of the wall was a white billboard, in front of which the people were standing (a man and a woman) who took turns. Once they were taken on video with Pozitron Plus, the second time without Pozitron Plus . Dr.Oldfield held the camera, the showed the video on the big screen, and once in a while he took a picture.

Attached are some photos from the laboratory of Dr. Harry Oldfield, who very clearly has shown how efficient the product Pozitron Plus is!

Dr. Oldfield was very impressed by the protective effect of Pozitron Plus. During the tests, he kept saying, "This is amazing!" The speed, this product is working is really extraordinary!" Dr. Oldfield's conclusion was that Pozitron Plus is a great product. He said: "The test results are impressive! We have here a product with the highest rate of positive protective effect on human health I have ever seen!

PIP camera footage made at the time, when a person is talking on the phone (Without protection). The footage of the phone is red, the red color on the hand is a sign of interference zone.

PIP camera footage taken at the time when a person was talking on the phone (With built-in protection). On the hand and on the mobile phone the red color faded and the blue color appeared. This shows the harmonization of the interference zone within 3-4 seconds.

Production of POZITRON PLUS
Pozitron Plus is composed of 6 types of specially manufactured and processed cellulose materials, with a technique that produces thin films of special properties. This is the first phase of production, where 40 points for further processing are produced and defined on each POZITRON PLUS, by positioning ultra-high accuracy. 
In the second phase, a programmed information is implemented in each of the 40 points through the nanotechnological process. This can be compared with the data memory in a microchip. In this way, the starting material completely changes its molecular structure and the newly generated material radiates into the space around it, its own electromagnetic spectrum of positive frequencies on which it is programmed.

Pozitron Plus constantly stimulates the organism in a positive way, so that the body more easily dissolves the accumulated stress, tension, anxiety and nervousness. It significantly reduces the time of apathy, increases our life energy, restores our will to live and stimulates us to be more positive. 

Pozitron Plus creates a solid positive environmental energy in an apartment, home or office so that the room energy is revitalized. Pozitron Plus contributes to feeling much more comfortable in the living space, to be happier, to be in a better mood and to have a more optimistic outlook on life. In such a positive environment, people feel much better and the relationships between household members or employees in a protected area become much more harmonious. A positive spatial energy strengthens the energy of the organism. 

Each Pozitron Plus works like a small transmitter, with the accurately programmed, desired signal not bound to electrical sources. Pozitron Plus has nothing to do with magnets. Thus, Pozitron Plus emits a whole spectrum of positive electromagnetic oscillations into the room and is controlled by the so-called 

Information Resonance Energy (IRE) transferred to the body and thus aligned with the frequencies of the body.
Pozitron Plus neutralizes the negative frequencies of the electromagnetic field by emitting the entire spectrum of positive frequencies. Positive frequencies interfere with negative frequencies, then they are synchronized with the frequency of the human body and there are no harmful effects on the body. Thus the stress of the body is harmonized. 

Pozitron Plus has no negative or undesirable effects on the human body, and will positively affect small newborns, healthy people and is especially important for people who are already weak in health. Also people with a built-in electrical stimulator of the heart can use it as it does not work on the basis of magnets or electric circuits. 
The pathogenic spectrum in electromagnetic radiation can be neutralized to a high degree with targeted frequencies. This has a positive effect on the health of humans and animals. They are also programmed to continuously increase the energy of the human and animal organism and thus contribute to strengthening the immunity and resistance of the organism to many diseases. Pozitron Plus neutralizes in a high percentage (-90%) the pathogenicity with a multitude of negative energies in space. With its programmed "positive" frequencies it interferes with a wide range of "negative" frequencies (-90%). Therefore the "positive" frequencies of Pozitron Plus help us to be calmer and more relaxed to have more energy and therefore we can strengthen our immune system! As result, the human organism becomes naturally stronger and more resilient against the vast majority of physical and psychosomatic diseases and we will of course be more resistant to the influence of harmful radiation.

Our mission is to accompany many people in the next years to come on their way to a life with more financial-, temporal- and local freedom. With the product series of POZITRON PLUS we can sustainably improve the well-being of millions of people worldwide and offer them the opportunity for a sustainable passive income.

The task of our company is to support customers and distributors with professional product- and sales materials, proven marketing systems, online shop, as well as a competence-center and an academy to create a health- and financial benefit for many people around the world.

Pozitron Plus is not a substitute for necessary medical treatment, diagnostics and medicine. It is of the utmost importance that you continue your regular medical examinations and are advised by your family doctor about all your health problems, therapies and the like, you must never ignore or end them! In addition, for legal reasons, we would like to make it clear that certain statements about the efficiency of Pozitron Plus products come from the use of technologies (such as radioesthesia, bioresonance, electroacupuncture ...) that do not agree with the scientific point of view and doctrine. To the best of our knowledge, the influence of electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation from our immediate environment has not been 100% confirmed as harmful by governments and the academic community, although it has already been potentially associated with a variety of diseases.